HC Deb 12 December 1831 vol 9 c156
Mr. Portman

wished to ask the hon. member for Boston a question relating to a subject which had much excited the public mind. He alluded to a notice given by that hon. Member last Session, of his intention to move for leave to bring in a bill to amend the present laws for the regulation of Friendly Societies. As he (Mr. Portman) had conducted the present Act through the House, he had received many communications on the subject, which he was unable to answer, and, therefore, took the liberty of asking, what were the intentions of the hon. Member, and what was the precise object of the Bill which he proposed to introduce?

Mr. Wilks

said, that his intention was principally to regulate the period within which all friendly societies, although they should have been already enrolled, would be compelled to re-enrol themselves. Three years were allowed for the purpose by the present Act, which three years would expire in July next; and, as there were 7,000 societies which remained un-enrolled, it would be a very great inconvenience to them if the time were not extended. His object was, to extend the time for two years, as related to existing societies.

Report agreed to.