HC Deb 20 August 1831 vol 6 cc332-3

Mr. James E. Gordon moved, pursuant to notice, that there be laid on the Table a list of the Gentlemen holding the Commission of the Peace in the County of Wexford, up to the first day of the present month. He contented himself with merely moving for this Return at present, reserving to himself to take such ulterior proceedings as might appear proper with respect to the conduct of these gentlemen in relation to the Newtownbarry affair.

Sir John Newport

stated, that a return of the gentlemen in the Commission of the Peace for the whole of Ireland had been lately made, and had been printed; and asked, what then, could be the use of having a particular return made for the county of Wexford? Some reason, at least, ought to be given for the Motion. He could not perceive the advantage of the itinerant legislation of the hon. Member.

Mr. James E. Gordon

had not been aware that a general return had been made; but even if he had been aware of it, he should still have thought it proper to make this Motion, that he might have the return up to the date of the 1st of this month. The Motion referred to a meeting of the gentlemen of Wexford, some of whom he knew to be in the Commission of the Peace, at which there was some discussion on the subject of the affair at Newtownbarry. As to his itinerant legislation, it was at least more beneficial to the country than the hon. Baronet's sedentary legislation; and he cautioned Gentlemen on that side of the House to consider what they said; for the fewer observations of that kind that were made, the better for the peace of that House. He was not ashamed of his itinerant legislation, and would always be prepared to give a good account of it.

Mr. Walker

said, he should be prepared to undertake the defence of the Magistrates of Wexford whenever the hon. Member brought the subject to which he had alluded before the House.

Mr. Crampton

said, that the hon. Member might easily ascertain who were at present in the Commission of the Peace for Wexford, without calling for this Return. He, however, would take care that it should be furnished to him.

Mr. James E. Gordon

said, in that understanding he would withdraw his Motion.—Motion withdrawn.

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