HC Deb 18 August 1831 vol 6 c216

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. ROBINSON, for a Return of all Offices and Appointments, the duties of which were performed by Deputy, distinguishing the name of the Principal and Deputy, and all other particulars relating to the Salaries and Situations.

Petitions presented. By Mr. SADLER, from the Lord Mayor of Dublin as Chairman, and Daniel Kenahan as Secretary, of a Meeting of the Citizens of Dublin, for the introduction of Poor Laws into Ireland. By Sir ROBERT FERGUSSON, from the Merchants of Londonderry, against any increase of the Wine Duties; and from the Distillers of the same place for discontinuance of the Drawback on Malt used in Distillation. By Lord HOWICK, from the Farmers of Northumberland and Tweed side, attending Coldstream Market, against the use of Molasses in Breweries and Distilleries; from the Ship Owners of Newcastle, against the Duties on Marine Insurances; from the Inhabitants of the Mauritius, for the reduction of Duty on Sugar. By Mr. LEFROY, from the Corporation of Barbers, Dublin, against the Irish Reform Bill. By Mr. VESEY FITZGERALD, from the Catholic Clergy of Galway, to equalize the right of Elective Franchise to all persons in Galway. By Sir JOHN SEBRIGHT, from the Maltsters and others of Bishop Stortford; by Lord MAITLAND, from the presiding Magistrate of Dundee; and by Mr. WESTERN, from the Owners and Occupiers of Land near Colchester; and from Owners and Occupiers of Land, and Maltsters, of Saffron Walden, against the use of Molasses in Distilleries and Breweries. By Mr. WESTERN, from the Silk Manufacturers of Essex, to exempt the Silk Trade from the operation of the Cotton Factories Apprentices Bill. By Mr. BYNG, from the Churchwardens and Officers of the Poor in St. James's Westminster, against the Vestries Bill. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Catholic Inhabitants of Conna (Cork), against any further Grant to the Kildare Street Society. By Mr. SPRING RICE, from Protestant Freemen and Inhabitants of Ballindooley, and from the Chamber of Commerce, Galway, to equalize Civil Rights in Galway; from the Shoemakers of Limerick, for the Repeal of the Union; and from the Chamber of Commerce, Dublin, against the continuance of the Coal Meters Establishment. By Mr. HUNT, from the Inhabitants of Kensington and Hammersmith Branch of the National Union, nearly 20,000 persons not included in the Enfranchisement Clauses of the Reform Bill, praying, that all Tax-payers should be entitled to vote at Elections.