HC Deb 12 August 1831 vol 5 cc1266-7
Sir George Clerk,

seeing the learned Lord (the Lord Advocate) in his place, wished to put a question to him. As Chairman of the Committee which sat on the Jedburgh Election Petition, it was his (Sir George Clerk's) intention, to have brought some of the circumstances which appeared before the Committee, under the notice of the House, but understanding that the learned Lord, as public prosecutor in Scotland, had directed proceedings to be commenced against some of the parties, he thought it better to leave the matter to the regular tribunals. He wished to know from the learned Lord, whether it was his intention to go on with the proceedings against those parties?

The Lord Advocate

said, he had instituted proceedings against some of the parties, but the case was prevented from coming on by the absence of some witnesses. It was his intention to go on with the proceedings.

Sir George Clerk

under those circumstances would not bring the matter before the House.