HC Deb 12 August 1831 vol 5 cc1332-3
Lord Althorp

said, that there were several charges which heretofore were fixed on the Civil List, and for which no provision had yet been made. He had brought in certain papers relating to those charges, which he wished now to refer to a Select Committee, in the same way as the other charges had been referred. The charges were, the salaries of Judges in England and Ireland, the Governors of colonies, the Chief Commissioner to the Church of Scotland, and some others. There were also pensions to the amount of 75,000l. remaining to be provided for, but these he did not intend to refer to the Committee for the reason he had assigned when the subject was last under discussion. He hoped that no discussion might now be gone into on the subject; for any hon. Member who thought proper might move, on any future occasion, that the pensions be also referred to the Committee. At the same time, he felt it his duty to say, that if such motion should be made, he would oppose it. He would now move "That a Select Committee be appointed for the purpose of examining the items of those expenses of the Civil Government of Great Britain and Ireland, heretofore charged on the Civil List, but henceforth to be charged on the Consolidated Fund and the four-and-a-half per cent Barbadoes duties, which still remained to be provided for."

Mr. Robert Gordon

seconded the Motion, but at the same time expressed his regret, that the noble Lord should not also refer the pensions to the Committee. He had more than once stated his opinion against saddling the Consolidated Fund with 75,000l. annual pensions, amounting to half the present pensions of 150,000l., but it never could have been the intention of the House to take these without knowing something of their nature and origin. He thought it better to take the sense of the House after a regular debate, as to whether these pensions should be referred to the Committee, and if no other hon. Gentleman should be induced to do so, it was his intention to make a motion to that effect on Thursday week.

Colonel Sibthorp

entirely approved of the hon. member for Cricklade's determination.

Motion agreed to, and Committee appointed.