HC Deb 03 August 1831 vol 5 c648

DENIS O'CONNOR, Esq. took the Oaths and his Seat for Roscommon.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. O'CONNELL, of the Exports and Imports from and into Cork, distinguishing all articles above the value of 500l., for the last six years; and for the tonnage of Ships and Vessels, trading to and from the same place, for the last fifteen years; and for an account of all applications for leave to file Criminal Informations in the Court of King's Bench (Ireland), against Justices of the Peace, from 1st January, 1820, to 31st December, 1830:—On the Motion of Mr. RUTHVEN, of the Catholic Freemen of the Corporation of Galway, who have been admitted since 1st April, 1831, distinguishing those employed in trade:—On the Motion of Mr. BURGE, of the quantity of Foreign Sugar imported under Act 9 George 4th, Cap. 93, and 1 William 4th, Cap. 72, up to 5th July, 1831, distinguishing the quantities entered, each quarter, and the ports received at; and of the quantity of Sugar and Treacle exported from Liverpool, Bristol, and Glasgow in each quarter, from 5th July, 1828, to 5th July, 1831.

Petitions presented. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from Roman Catholic Inhabitants of Dunsharighlin, Cultrummer, West Muskerry, Kiltobride, Clonenagh, and Listowell. By Sir CHARLES COOTE, from Inhabitants of Carragh, and Prespereas, against any further Grants to the Kildare Street Society; from Land-holders of Clare, for a revision of the Grand Jury Laws; from the Letter-press Printers, and Dyers, of Dublin, for the Repeal of the Union. By Sir CHARLES COOTE, from the Freeholders of Queen's County, for Reform, against Tithes, and for Repeal of the Union. By Mr. RUTHVEN, from the Catholic Magistrates of Galway, to place Catholics on an equality with Protestants. By Sir GEORGE CLERK, from the Freeholders, Justices of the Peace, and Commissioners of Supply of the County of Edinburgh; from the Farmers near Edinburgh, and from the Farmers of Dalkeith. By Mr. CUTLAR FERGUSON, from the Corporation of Bruntisland, against the use of Molasses in Distilleries and Breweries. By Sir GEORGE CLERK, from the County of Peebles, complaining of losing their Members by the Reform Bill for Scotland. By Mr. WILKS, from George Lester, Esq., against the Game Laws. By Lord MORPETH, two Petitions, one from the persons engaged in the Woollen Trade at Huddersfield, against, and the other from persons employed in Factories at Keighley, in favour of the Cotton Factories Apprentices Bill.