HC Deb 21 April 1831 vol 3 c1756

The House went into a Committee on Trower's Divorce Bill which passed through the Committee without Amendments.

The House resumed. On the Question that the Bill be read a third time tomorrow,

Mr. Hume

could not let that opportunity pass by without, expressing a hope that a reformed Parliament would take measures to put an end to such a farce as they had just witnessed, with respect to their legislation on Divorce Bills.

Lord Francis Osborne

said, he had intended to oppose the bill, but in consequence of the state of the House, he deferred his opposition till the third reading. He thought that it was unusual for the person who had the conduct of the bill (Mr. Freshfield) to sit as Chairman of the Committee.

Sir G. Clerk

said, it was quite according to practice, that the person who had charge of the Bill should sit as Chairman.

Bill to be read a third time to-morrow.