HC Deb 15 April 1831 vol 3 cc1407-8
Lord Althorp

moved the Order of the Day for the House to resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to take into consideration his Majesty's most gracious Message.

The House went into the Committee. —The King's Message was read; after which,

Lord Althorp

said, it now became his duty to state to the Committee what it was the Government proposed as a provision for her Majesty, should it please God that she should survive the King, and in doing so, he apprehended there would be no difference of opinion as to the course they proposed, for he was sure that all parties would concur in any measure which had for its object the personal comforts of the Sovereign; and he was equally certain that the same feeling pervaded the House in regard of her Majesty, who, during the whole time in which she had honoured the country by her presence, had conducted herself in that manner which was calculated to endear her to the people of England. The proposition which he had to submit was founded on precedent. The dower voted to Caroline, the Queen of George 2nd, and to Queen Charlotte, the consort of George 3rd, was 100,000l. for life. Queen Charlotte had assigned to her Buckingham-house as a town residence, and the Lodge in Windsor-park as a country residence. The only question in the present case would be as to the town residence; for it would be admitted, that Bushy-park would be that country residence of which her Majesty would make choice. At present Government had no actual control over any town residence, but, under all circumstances, it was considered most advisable to assign Marlborough-house as a town residence for her Majesty. That house was at present under lease to the duke of Marlborough, but that lease would expire in 1835. The noble Lord then moved, "That it is the opinion of this Committee, that there be granted, as a provision for her Majesty, in case she should survive his Majesty, the sum of 100,000l. per annum, for life, to support her royal dignity, and that Bushy-park and Marlborough-house be also assigned as residences for her Majesty for her life."

Resolution agreed to nemine contradicente, and the House resumed.