HC Deb 25 November 1830 vol 1 c668

Petitions Presented. For the abolition of Slavery, by Colonel POWELL, six from places in Wales:—By Mr. ADEANE, five from the Isle of Ely, and other places in the County of Cambridge:—By Colonel ABERCROMBIE, from a Parish in Scotland:—By Mr. SCHONSWAR, from Hull, and from two other places: — By Mr. LESTER, from Poole:—By Mr. GUEST, from Honiton, Devonshire:—By Mr. TYRELL, two from places in Suffolk:—By Mr. O'CONNELL, from New Ross, in Ireland:—By Mr. N. CALVERT, from several places in Herefordshire:—By Mr. KEMP, from the Town of Lewes:—By Mr. WARBURTON, from Bridport:—By Lord W. POWLETT, from several places in Durham:—By Mr. PENDARVIS, from places in Cornwall:—By Mr. HUME, from Arbroath and Hammersmith:—By Mr. SEVERN, from places in Radnorshire and Monmouthshire:—By Lord STANLEY, from Bolton, and other places in Lancashire:—By Sir W. JOLLIFFE, from Petersfield:—By Mr. CURTEIS, from Horsham:—By Lord J. STUART, from a place in Glamorganshire:—By Mr. W. STURT, from four places in Bedfordshire:—By Mr. J. WOOD, from a parish in Lancashire:—By Mr. FORTESCUE, from two places in Devon and Lancashire:— By Mr. GROSVENOR, two from Chester:—By Mr. WILKS, from Matlock, Westham, Essex, and a place in Lincoln:—By Mr. EVANS, from several places in Kerry:—By Mr. RICE, from Youghall: —By Mr. JOHNSTONE, from Dunfermline:—By Sir R. BATESON, from Downpatrick. By Mr. WYSE, from certain inhabitants of the Town of Galway, praying for an extension of the Elective Franchise in that place. By Mr. MACNAMARA, from Ennis, for a Repeal of the Legislative Union, between England and Ireland:—By Mr. BOYLE, from Cork, against the Repeal. By Sir W. W. WYNN, from certain inhabitants of Denbigh, against the Truck System. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Rev. Thomas Smith, of the City of London, complaining that he had been seventeen years in Orders without obtaining any Church preferment, while benefices were lavished upon wealthy Bishops, and other non-resident Pluralists; and from Roman Catholic Inhabitants of the County of Mayo, complaining of the unequal distribution of Public Grants for Education in Ireland.

Bills brought in. By Lord HOWICK, to give validity to acts done by the Governors of Colonies, in his late Majesty's name, after his decease. By Mr. SPRING RICE, to apply money out of the Consolidated Fund for the service of 1830.