HC Deb 15 November 1830 vol 1 c510

Bills brought in. By Mr. COURTENAY, to Amend an Act passed in the 6th year of his late Majesty; relating to Colonial Trade:—By Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, to declare in what instance Charitable Institutions should be liable to pay Rates for local purposes:—By the ATTORNEY GENERAL, to amend the Administration of Justice Act, passed last Session.

A Select Committee, on the Motion of Lord F. L. GOWER, was appointed to inquire into Tolls and Customs (Ireland), Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. KENNEDY, the number of persons rated at 10l., 15l., and 20l. in the Royal Burghs of Scotland; and of the number of persons in whom the Elective Franchise is vested:—On the Motion of Mr. HUME, all Pensions granted on the Civil Lists of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Mr. SPEAKER stated, that he had received a letter from Mr. Hodson, one of the Members returned for Wigan, declaring that it was not his intention to take his seat.

Petitions presented. Against the following Elections:—For the County of Galway, Carrickfergus, County of Dumbarton, County of Clare, Durham, Truro, Linlithgow, Grantham, Carlow, Hythe, Londonderry, Huntingdon, Colerainc, and Stamford. By Mr. CURTEIS, from South-over, praying for a Reform in Parliament, and for a Repeal of the Game Laws and Corn Laws. For the abolition of Colonial Slavery, by Lord EBRINGTON, six from Devonshire:— By Mr. PENDARVIS, eleven from Cornwall:— By Mr. STRUTH, eight from Derbyshire:— By Mr. Alderman THOMPSON, from Dissenters of Fetterlane:— By Mr. BYNG, from Dissenters of Cannon-street: — By Mr. DRAKE, from Amersham:—By Mr. DRUM. MONO, from Stirling:—By Mr. LISTER, from Poole:— By Mr. ADEANE, from Barringborne:—By Mr. TYRRELL., from Bury St. Edmonds:— By General PALMER, from Bath:— By Mr. LEIGH KECK, from Lutterworth, in Leicestershire:— By Sir J. GRAHAM, from Cockermouth, in Cumberland:— By Mr. RICE, from places in Limerick: — By Mr. DESMAN, from two Dissenting Congregations in Nottingham:— By Lord MORPETH, from Scarborough, Whitby, Swalham, North Dalton, and some other places; — By Lord STANLEY, ninety-six from Lancashire:—By Mr. JEPHSON. from Fermoy:—By Lord WM. POWLETT, from Thirsk and Barnard Castle:— By Sir R. PEEL, from Tamworth:— By Mr. WRIGHTSON, from Hull:—By Mr. COKE, four from the County of Norfolk:— By Lord UXBRIDGE, from Holyhead:—By Lord EUSTON, from a Parish in Norfolk:— By Sir R. HERON, from Peterborough:— By Sir R. FERGUSON, from Durleton; Fora Repeal of the Duty upon Seaborne Coals, from Ipswich, by Mr. R. BUSDAS:—By Mr. BELL, from the Coal. owners on the Tyne:— By Lord F. OSBORNE, from Wisbeach:—By Mr. EVANS, from Sheepshead, in Lancashire. The last Petition also prayed for a Repeal of the Game and Corn-laws, and a Reform in Parliament: as did also a Petition presented by Sir J. GRAHAM, from the resident Electors of Cockermouth. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Parish of Clondalkin, praying for a Repeal of the Union. By Mr. HODOES, from two Parishes in Kent, complaining of Distress, and praying for a repeal of the Malt Tax, and a reduction of the Assessed Taxes. By Mr. S. RICE, from Limerick, for the equalization of the Spirit Duties.