HC Deb 15 November 1830 vol 1 cc549-56

Mr. Stanley, referring to a question which he had before put to the right hon. Secretary for the Home Department, as to whether the situation of Clerk of the Council had been filled up, said that the right hon. Gentleman had declared that he knew nothing on the subject. He would now repeat the question, because he under-stood that the situation had been filled up, though he thought it was one which ought not to be continued, by the Lord President having appointed his own son to the office.

Sir R. Peel

could assure the hon. Member in sincerity, that till he came down to the House to-day, he knew nothing on the subject.

STATEMENT of the VOTES of the FOURTEEN REPRESENTATIVES of the County of Surrey, on the Motion for a Select Committee on the Civil List, Nov. 15, 1830.
Place. Name. For, Against. Absent.
County Dennison. W. J
Briscoe, J. I
Bletchingly Mills, R. W
Tennyson, C
Gatton Hope, J. T
Shelley, J. V
Guilford Wall, C. B. B.
Sumner, Holme
Haslemere Beckett, Sir. J
Holmes, W.
Ryegate Cocks, James
Yorke, Sir J
Southwark Wilson, Sir Robert
Total 6 4 3
O'Farrall, R. M. White, Samuel
Parnell, Sir H. Wyse, T. jun.
Rochfort, G. Valentia, Visct.
White, Col.
Castlereagh, Visct. Hart, G. V.
Chichester, Sir A. Hill, Lord A.
Coote, Sir C. King, R.
Corry, H. L. M'Clintock, J.
Corry, Visct. Shirley, E. J.
Fitzgerald, M.
Archdall, M. Jones, F.
Belfast, Earl of Kavanagh, T.
Beresford, Lord G. Mahon, O'Gorman
Bernard, T. Mountcharles, Earl
Boyle, Lord O'Grady, Col.
Browne, D. O'Neil, Hon. J. B.
Bruen, H. Ossory, Earl of
Clements, J. M. Oxmanstown, Lord
Cooper, E. S. Prittie, Hon. F. A.
Duncannon, Lord Sanderson, Alex.
Forbes, Visct. Somerville, Sir M.
French, A. Stewart, Sir H.
Mr. Stanley

said, he understood the situation was filled up within twenty-four hours after the vacancy.

Sir R. Peel

said, he knew not through what office the appointment was made; but it was not through that of the Secretary for the Home Department.