HC Deb 11 November 1830 vol 1 cc382-3

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. BERNAL, of the Claims of British subjects on France in 1795, which have been satisfied, and Accounts connected therewith:—On the Motion of Mr. Alderman WAITHMAN, of the daily Employ and Service of the several Ships or Vessels undermentioned, belonging to, or employed by his Majesty's Ordnance, from the 20th day of July, 1830, to the 10th day of August, 1830, inclusive; vis. the Ebenezer of Woolwich, Chatham of Purfleet, Fanny of Woolwich, Harmony of Chatham, Wellington of Upnor, and Ligonier of same. Also, an Address for Copy of the Record of Conviction of William Edwards, at the Rochester Sessions, 1824, who was found guilty of Smuggling, and sentenced to five years service on board the Prince Regent; also, a Report of whether he served such time; and if not, when, and under what circumstances he left; and whether he has since served out the said time, or received, and from whom, and when, a remission of the remainder, or any part of his sentence.

On the Motion of Mr. SLANEY, a Bill for the better rating Tenements under a certain annual value, ordered to be brought in by Mr. Slaney, Lord Viscount Althorp, and Sir Thomas Freemantle, and was brought in accordingly.

On the Motion of Mr. BRISCOE, the Settlement of the Poor Bill was read a second time.

Petitions presented. By Mr. II. DAVIS, from a Parish in Bristol, for a Repeal of the House and Window Tax. By Mr. WRIGHTSON, from Kingston-upon-Hull, for a Repeal of the Coast Duty on Coals. By Sir R. BATESON, from certain Cotton Weavers in the County of Down, for means to Emigrate to the Colonies. For the abolition of Colonial Slavery, from Durham, by Mr. A. TAYLOR:— By Mr. LITTLRTON, seventy from Staffordshire:—By Sir H. BUNBURY, twelve from Suffolk:—By Mr. EVANS, sixty-four from Leicester:—By Sir C. LEMON, two from Penryn:—By Mr. STEWART, from Derby:—By Sir W. INGILBY, 150 from the County of Lincoln:—By Mr. RUSSELL, sixteen from the County of Durham:—By Mr. BELL, four from Northumberland:—By Mr. G. LAMB, from Melbourn, in Derbyshire:—By Mr. HOY, two from Southampton, and one from Jersey:—By Lord W. POWLETT, forty-three from Durham:—By Mr. R. GRANT, forty from Norwich:—By Sir T. ACLAND, thirty-six from Devon:—By Lord NORREYS, from Kiddington, Oxfordshire:—By Sir C. TYRELL, twenty from Suffolk:—By Mr. D. SYKES, from Hull and the neighbourhood:—By Mr. O'CONNELL, from Huncote, Lancashire:—By Mr. N. CALVERT, three from Parishes in Hertfordshire:—By Mr. RICKFORD, from a Parish in Buckinghamshire:—By Lord MORPETH, 254 from various parts of Yorkshire:—By Mr. BETHEL, twenty-nine, from various parts of the same County:—By Mr. WESTERN, twenty from Parishes in Essex:—By Colonel TYRELL, two from the same County:—By Mr. BYNG, from Kingsland, and nine other places in Middlesex:—By Sir J. GRAHAM, from Cockermouth, and another place in Cumberland:—By Mr. SPRING RICE, from Parishes in Limerick:—By Mr. DICKINSON, from the Archdeacon and Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Wells:—By Mr. CALCRAFT, two from Wareham and the neighbourhood:—By Mr. STANLEY, from Preston:—By Mr. BROWNLOW, from Smeddeyhaugh, Scotland:—By Lord SANDON, from the Inhabitants of Sandon:—By Mr. RYDER, from Randwick:—By Lord ACHESOM, from Gillingham, Herringham, and five other Parishes. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Hatters and Feltmakers of Carlow, complaining of Distress, and praying for a Repeal of the Legislative Union; and a similar Petition from Persons resident in London. By the same hon. Member, from John Mahene, of Dundalk, complaining of the Magistrates of that place. By Mr. WILKS, from the Protestant Dissenting Ministers of Dorsetshire, holding their annual conference at Shaftesbury, praying for Jewish Emancipation. By Mr. HUME, from the Masons of Lanark, praying for a Reform in Parliament. By Mr. DENISON, from the Parish of St. Mary, Newington, complaining of the Expense of the Metropolitan Police.