HC Deb 09 November 1830 vol 1 cc349-50
Lord Norreys

presented a Petition from a Town in the county of Waterford, praying for the abolition of Slavery. The noble Lord observed, that he would take care in future to put his name on the Speaker's list, before that of the hon. member for Waterford (Mr. O'Connell) as for three nights he had been detained, for three hours, while that hon. Gentleman excited debate.

Mr. Ruthven, as an Irishman, protested against such personal attacks.

Mr. Hume

also protested against such irregular references to the parliamentary conduct of any Member. If the noble Lord wanted to get away from the House early, he ought to have attended earlier. This night the debate had been produced by an attack on the honour and character of his hon. friend, who was driven into the discussion in mere self-defence.

The Speaker

observed, that as the noble Lord was a young Member, he bad not noticed the remark, which was certainly irregular. This House was not the place, where the attendance of Members should be made a matter of complaint, but he thought that the noble Lord had meant what he said merely in good humour.

The Petition having been brought up,

Mr. O'Connell

said, that he courted the censure of those who could frivolously assail a Member for attendance in the discharge of his duty. He had no connection with Ministers and expected nothing from them; and if the noble Lord would consult only his conscience in his vote, and do as much for Ireland as he (Mr. O'Connell) had done, more fame would attend the noble Lord than had belonged to any of his ancestors that he had ever heard of.

The Speaker

interposed. The hon. Gentleman had not the excuse of being a new Member; and it was highly irregular to urge imputations, more especially prospectively. A comparison of parliamentary conduct was neither fair nor regular.

Mr. O'Connell

was convinced at once that he had been in error; and the personal nature of the attack of the noble Lord, which excited in him some indignation, was his only excuse.

Petition laid on the Table.