HC Deb 08 November 1830 vol 1 c264

Petitions presented. Complaining of undue Returns for Drogheda, Cork, Taunton, and Ilchester. By Mr. DENISON, from Clapham, against extending the Metropolitan Police Act to that district. By Mr. PHIPPS, from the Ship-owners of Scarborough, against the Duty on Coals carried coastwise. For the abolition of Slavery, by Mr. BLAIR, from Glasgow:—By Mr. HODGSON, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne:—By Lord STANLEY, from Blackburn, Bolton, Backford, and five other places in Lancashire:—By Sir WM, INGLEBY, from Brinckley:—By Sir R. PRICE, from Dissenters at Kingston, Ross, and Huntingdon:—By Mr. SANDFORD, from several places in Somersetshire:—By Mr. BELL, from several places in Northumberland:—By Lord ALTHORP, from several places in Northamptonshire. By the same noble Lord, from General William Thornton, objecting to the King's being called upon, on his accession to the Throne, to make a Declaration against Transubstantiation.