HC Deb 05 November 1830 vol 1 c213
Mr. Harvey

, in moving for a Return of the Expenses of the Management of the Crown Lands, and an Account of the number of Leases granted, Fines paid, and Sales made, whether privately or by public auction, since the year 1786, begged at the same time to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer, whether he was to understand that the announcement in his Majesty's Speech respecting the relinquishment of the hereditary revenues of the Crown, applied to those of Cornwall and Lancaster?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

said, that his Majesty's resignation of the hereditary revenues of the Crown did not comprise those of Cornwall and Lancaster, because those of Cornwall never became the property of the Crown, unless when there was no Heir-apparent of the Throne; and the revenues of Lancaster had been, from a very early period, subject to peculiar regulations, totally independent of its authority.

The Return ordered.