HC Deb 27 May 1830 vol 24 c1141

The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER brought in a Bill to amend the Church Building Act.

Petitions presented. Against the Parish Vestries Bill, by General GASCOYNE, from the Corporation of Liverpool:—By Mr. CAPEL, from the Governors and Guardians of the Foundling Hospital. Against the Sale of Beer Bill, by Mr. MONCK, from a Publican of London. Against the Scotch and Irish Paupers Removal Bill, by Mr. Alderman WOOD, from the Overseers of Christ Church, Surrey. Against the renewal of the East India Company's Charter, by Lord EBRINGTON, from Cornworthy and Harburton. Against the Duty on Coals carried Coastwise, by the same noble Lord, from Pilton. For the repeal of the Select Vestries and Sub-letting Acts Ireland, by Mr. O'CONNELL, from several Parishes in the County of Cork. Against the increase of Stamp Duties (Ireland), by the same hon. Member, from the Proprietors of the Dublin Morning and Weekly Registers:—By Sir J. NEWPORT, from the Inhabitants of Glanmore. For a repeal of the Union with Ireland, by Mr. O'CONNELL, from Shacroom, Ahinia, and other places. For the Abolition of Slavery, by Lord MILTON, from Protestant Dissenters at Bawtry. And for an increased Duty on Foreign Flour, by Mr. POTTER MAC-QUEEN, from the Millers and Fanners of Bedfordshire.