HC Deb 26 May 1830 vol 24 c1128

The Four-per-Cent Dissentients Bill was read 3 third time and passed.

Petitions presented. For a protecting Duty on the Importation of Foreign Lead, by Lord W. POWLETT, from Sum-hope, Wolsingham, Dufton, Hilton, and Merton:—By Sir E. LLOYD, from the Miners of the County of Flint, For Measures to give Security to Ireland, by Mr. G. MOORE, from Sir Harcourt Lees. Against the Scotch and Irish Paupers Removal Bill, by Mr. C. CALVERT. from the Overseers of St. Saviour, Southwark:—By Mr. DENISON, from the Overseers of St. Mary, Newington:—By Mr. BYNG, from St. Leonard, Shoreditch. Against the Select Vestries Bill, by Mr. BYNG, from the Inhabitants of Paddington. Against Poor-Laws for Ireland, by Colonel BERNARD, from the Freeholders of King's County. For a revision of the Friendly Societies Act, by Sir W. GUISE, from John Garlick Ball. Against an increase of Stamp Duties (Ireland), by Colonel BRUEN from Carlow. Against the increase of Duty on Corn Spirits, by Mr. R. GRANT, from the Freeholders of the County of Elgin; and from the same Persons, against the Inventory Duty. Against the Administration of Justice Bill, by Mr. E. DAVENPORT, from the Freeholders of the County Palatine of Chester; and from the Inhabitants of Sandback. For the Abolition of the Punishment of Death in cases of Forgery, by Mr. LAWLEY, from the Inhabitants of Rugby. By Mr. C. W. WYNN, from Mr. Dixon, of Dumbarton, complaining of the Votes of the Committee of the House of Commons, on the Clyde Navigation Bill, and praying that the matter might be referred to a Select Committee of Seven Members of the House, agreeable to a Standing Order lately made by the House.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. BROWN LOW, amount of Duties collected on Glass in Ireland during the last Ten Years:—On the Motion of Sir M. S. STEWART, Copies of all Acts of Sederunt, regulating the Fees of the Writers to the Signet (Scotland):—On the Motion of Mr. HUME, the Number of Persons convicted of Forgery in Scotland, from 1791 to 1829:—On the Motion of Mr. KENNEDY, the number of Causes decided in the different Sheriffs' Courts (Scotland), since the passing of the 6th of Geo. IV.:—On the Motion of Mr. LAWLEY, expense incurred by the Manufactory of Small Arms at Enfield, including Pensions, &c since Jan. 1st, 1812.