HC Deb 19 May 1830 vol 24 c866

De Lacy Evans, Esq. was sworn, and took his Seat as Member for Rye. Mr. Alderman THOMPSON brought in a Bill to declare in what cases Charitable Institutions shall be liable to pay Local Rates.

Petitions presented. In favour of Poor-Laws in Ireland, by Mr. BROWNLOW, from the Labouring Classes of Dublin, who stated that there were in that City 17,000 men anxious, but unable, to support themselves by their labour. Against the Punishment of Death for Forgery, by Sir T. ACLAND, from Chudleigh and Teignmcuth:—By Lord MILTON, from Leeds:—By Mr. DALY, from the Managers of the Provincial Bank of Ireland at Galway:—By Mr. KNOX, from the Managers of the Provincial Bank at Colcraine:—By Mr. BROWNLOW, from the Managers of the Provincial Bank at Armagh:—By Mr. TRANT, from the Managers of the Provincial Bank at Ballina Mayo, also stating that the Bill for amending the Criminal Law did not go far enough. Against the Sale of Beer Bill, by Mr. ASHURST, from the Inhabitants of Henley-upon-Thames. Against abolishing the separate Jurisdiction of the County Palatine of Chester, by Mr. EGERTON, from the Inhabitants of Congledon. Against the renewal of the East India Company's Charter, by Sir T. ACLAND, from the Inhabitants of Ermington. For a repeal of the Excise Duty on Candles, by Sir G. CLERK, from the Candle Manufacturers of Edinburgh. Against the proposed assimilation of Stamp Duties, by Mr. CAREW, from the Inhabitants of New Ross. Praying for a Repeal of the Stamp Duties on Newspapers and Advertisements, by Mr. J. SMITH, from the Members of the City of London Literary and Scientific Institutions. Against the proposed Duty on Com Spirits, by Mr. RUMBOLD, from Growers of Barley in the Neighbourhood of Great Yarmouth. Praying to be relieved from the Duty of Discharging Insolvent Debtors at Quarter Sessions, by Mr. C. WYNN, from Wm. Owen, Chairman of the Sessions of the County of Montgomery.