HC Deb 10 May 1830 vol 24 c502

The Right Hon. M. Fitzgerald took the Oaths and his Seat as Member for Kerry; and G. G. W. Piggott, Esq. took the Oaths and his Seat as Member for St. Mawes. The Navy Pay Acts Amendment Bill was passed.

Returns ordered. Sums advanced for the Repairs and Alterations of Buckingham Palace, and Estimates of the Sums that will be required to complete it.

Petitions presented. Against the Stamp and Spirit Duties, by Mr. KNOX, from the Inhabitants of Newry:—By Colonel ARBUTHNOT, from Kincardine:—By Sir G. WARRENDER, from Haddington. Against the Punishment of Forgery by Death, by Lord STANLEY, from the Merchants, Bankers, and Manufacturers of Manchester and Salford.—By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from the Inhabitants of Gloster:—By Mr. BIRCH, from Bankers and other Inhabitants of Nottingham. The hon. Member also presented a Petition, with from 3,000 to 4,000 signatures, from Merchants, Manufacturers, and other Inhabitants of Nottingham, against the Monopoly of the East India Company. Against the Administration of Justice Bill, by Lord STANLEY, from the Solicitors of Manchester:—By Colonel TRENCH, from the Inhabitants of Cambridge, so far as it relates to prohibiting Arrests for Debts under 100l. Against the Sale of Beer Bill, by Mr. BRAMSTON, from the Licensed Victuallers of Chelmsford; and from James Thorn, of Colchester:—By Lord STANLEY, from the Publicans of Haslingden:—By Colonel SIBTHORP, from the Brewers of Lincoln: By Mr. NORTON, from the Mayor and Magistrates of Guildford:—By Lord C. MANNERS, from the Inhabitants of Ely:—By Lord E. SOMERSET, from the Minister and Churchwardens of Wick Risington; from the Magistrates of the Hundred of Sleighton, Glostershire; from the Inhabitants of Cheltenham, South Cerney, Little Risington, Westcote, Wotton-under-Edge, and Wickwar:—By Mr. C. BARCLAY, from Anthony Tricker, Licensed Victualler in Glostershire:—And by Mr. WALROND, from the Clergy and other Inhabitants of Sudbury. Against the Truck System, by Lord E. SOMERSET, from Manufacturers and others engaged in the Woollen Trade, Glostershire. For extending the Trial by Jury in Scotland, by Sir G. WARRENDER, from the Merchants of Glasgow. For a reduction of Taxation, by Mr. RUMBOLD, from Great Yarmouth. Against the Bankrupt Laws Amendment Bill, by Colonel TRENCH, from the Inhabitants of Cambridge. Against Tithes, by Mr. COKE, from the Hundred of Diss, Norfolk.