HC Deb 10 May 1830 vol 24 c504

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, moved the Order of the Day for the House going into a Committee of Supply.

[Several Members objected to this, as there were yet Petitions to be presented. It was represented to them by the Chancellor of the Exchequer that it was half-past eight o'clock, and there was much public business to be carried through, which could not possibly be accomplished if so much time were occupied in presenting petitions. Various suggestions were immediately thrown out as to the manner of disposing of this part of the business; but as the conversation ended in nothing, the Editor thinks it right not to occupy his space by inserting it. He is obliged however, to notice the fact, because it was the first distinct beginning of the complaints, that were frequently made by the Ministers before the close of the Session, that they could not transact the public business on account of the time occupied by presenting petitions and making speeches on them.]

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