HC Deb 04 May 1830 vol 24 cc373-5

On the Motion of Sir J. GRAHAM, the Clerk of the Crown attended and amended the Return for the County of Limerick, by substituting the name of J. H. Massey Dawson, Esq. for that of Colonel O'Grady, who had been declared unduly elected. On the Motion of Sir H. PARNELL, a Select Committee was appointed to inquire into the Receipt; and Disbursements of the Holyhead Roads. Mr. WILNOT HORTON obtained leave to bring in a Bill to direct certain Returns to be made to Parliament from all the Parishes of England and Wales; and to enable Parishes to raise Money for certain purposes of providing for the Poor therein set forth; providing for the probable charge by Annuities. Sir G. MURRAY obtained leave to bring in a Bill to Amend the Act of the 31 Ceo. III. with a view of making more efficacious the Provincial Government of the Province of Quebec—Bill brought in. Mr. FRANKLAND LEWIS obtained leave to bring in a Bill to consolidate and amend the Laws relative to the Office of Treasurer of the Navy. A Bill was brought in to appropriate the Fees of the Offices of the Courts of Common Law.

Returns presented. The quantity of Sugar exported from the Mauritius since 1825:—The Sums of Money voted by the House of Assembly in Jamaica, and applied to the payment of the King's Troops:—Copies of Instructions or Letters relative to the operation of the 5 Geo. IV. c. 51 and 57 in Newfoundland:—Copy of Conditions for granting Land in New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land:—Copy of a Letter dated April 8, 1830, from W. R. Hay, Esq. relative to Revenues and Expenditure of the Cape of Good Hope, and other Colonies:—Copy of the Laws and Ordinances of the Governor and Council of New South Wales:—Copy of Correspondence relative to the Supply of the Metropolis with Water:—Persons holding Offices in the Colonies not in the execution of their Duties.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Sir H. PARNELL, Hides imported, and from whence, between 1810 and 1815, and 1824 and 1829:—Quantities of Cinnamon, Mace, Nutmegs, Cloves, and Cayenne, and other Peppers, entered for Consumption, with the Hates of Duty payable on each, and Revenues derived from them in each year since 1818:—Quantities of Hemp imported, the Hates of Duty, and the Amount of Revenue derived from it during each of the last five years:—Quantities of Cheese, Butter, and Eggs imported in each year during the last seven years, the Rates of Duty on each Article, the total Amount of Revenue obtained from it in each year, and the country whence imported:—The number of Watches stamped each year at Goldsmiths' Hall since 1811:—Rates of Duty on Tallow, Wax, and Spermaceti Candles, the qualities produced, and Revenue derived from each in each year since 1800:—On the Motion of Mr. FOWELLL BUXTON, the number of Persons executed for Forgery during each of the last ten years, describing the nature of the Forgery. On the Motion of Mr. O'CONNELL, Monies received as fines by the Dublin Police, and paid into the Rank of Ireland for the last twenty years, with the Accounts of the Receivers of the Police of Dublin. On the Motion of Sir R. WILSON, all Prosecutions instituted under that clause of the Stamp-act which relates to entering Pamphlets.

Petitions presented. Against the Sale of Beer Bill—By Mr. Alderman WOOD, from the Inhabitants of St. Botolph, Aldgate; and from the Licensed Victuallers of Beccles, Suffolk:—By Mr. GUEST, from the Publicans of Merthyr Tydvill:—By Mr. BIRCH, from those of Nottingham:—By Mr. CROMPTON, from the Inhabitants of Derby:—By Mr. HUSKISSION, from the Burgesses and others of Liverpool:—By Mr. J. MARSHALL, from the Publicans of Bradford:—By Mr. RICKFORD, from those of Aylesbury:—By Sir C. HASTINGS, from those of Ash by de la Zouch:—By Lord STANLEY, from the Clergy and Magistrates of Blackburn:—By Mr. LEGH KECK, three Petitions from Parishes in Leicester:—By Mr. FLEMING, from a Parish in the Isle of Wight:—By Sir W. HEATHCOTE, from Fareham, Hams:—By Lord C. MANNERS, from a person named Watts; and from the Licensed Victuallers of Wisbeach.—By Mr. N. CALVERT, three Petitions from Hat-field, Bishop Stortford, and a Parish in Hertfordshire:—By Sir J. ASTLEY, two Petitions from Bradford and Trowbridge:—By Mr. RUMBOLD, from Publicans at Yarmouth:--By Sir T. FREMANTLE, from the Licensed Victuallers of Amersham; and from St. Mary's, Teddington:—By Mr. WARD, from those of St. Luke's, Bethnal Green:—By Lord Viscount MILTON, from the Publicans of Leeds, Huddersfield, and Halifax:—By Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Publicans of Kidderminster;—By Mr. SLANEY, from Whitchurch:—By Sir H. MILDNAY, from Winchester:—By Mr. O. CAVE, from Sussex:—By Mr. COKE, from the Norfolk Agricultural Society; and the Yeomanry of the County of Norfolk:—By Mr. LITTLRTON, from eight places in Staffordshire:—By Sir E. KERRISON, from Ardale: By Mr. HOULDSWORTH, from Market-Harborough:—By Lord SANDON, from the Corporation of Tiverton, and the Victuallers of Tiverton:—By Mr. WELLS, from Maidstone and Aylesford:—By Sir W. INGLEBY, from Horncastle and Louth, in Lincolnshire:—By Mr. N, FELLOWES, from the Town of Huntingdon; and two other places in Huntingdonshire:—By Mr. B. BARING, from Thetford:—By Mr. MONCK, from the Brewers and Magistrates of Reading; from the Publicans of Reading; and the Publicans of the Isle of Wight:—And by Sir T. LETHBRIDGE, from the Owners of Public-houses, not being Brewers, ill Bath, Against the forced Contribution to Greenwich Hospital, by General PHIPPS, from the Seamen of Scarborough. For uniformity in the mode of keeping Parish Accounts, by Lord G. LRNNOX, from George Gunning, of Frendsbury, Kent. Against the Abolition of the Welsh Judicature, by the Earl of UXBRIDGE, from the Magistrates of Anglesey. In favour of the Abolition, by Mr. WYNN, from the Freeholders of the County of Montgomery. Against the Truck System, by Mr. BRIGHT, from the Clergy, Manufacturers, and others of Bisley and Brinseomb Port, of Painswick, of Caincross and Ebley, and of Nailsworth and Woodchester:—By Mr. BENETT, from the Manufacturers of Trowbridge:—By Mr. G. LAMB, from the Inhabitants of the Colliery Districts of Monmouthshire. Against the increased Duty on British Spirits, by Mr. O'HARA, from the Landowners and Land-occupiers of Galway:—By Mr. WESTERN, from Occupiers and Owners of Land near Colchester:—By Lord TULLAMORE, from the Landowners of Tullamore:—By Mr. DOWNIE, from Scarawalsh. Against the increased Stamps on Newspapers in Ireland, by Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Newspaper Reporters of Dublin. In favour of the Court of Session (Scotland) Bill, by Mr. ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, from the faculty of Procurators of Glasgow. For protection against the rending of Tea by Hawkers and Pedlars, by Mr. BRIGHT, from the Tea-dealers of Bristol. For the Repeal of the Parishes Vestry Act (Ireland), by Sir H. PARNELL, from the Justices of the Queen's County. Against any additional Duty on Corn Spirits, by the same hon. Member, from the Farmers and others of Upper Ossory:—By Sir J. NEWPORT, from the Inhabitants of Spelburne, in the County of Kilkenny, For holding the Assizes for the West Riding of Yorkshire at Wakefield, by Lord MILTON, from the Inhabitants of Mirfield, of Henley, of Seammonden, and Pontefract. For protection to West-India Property, by Mr. HESKISSON, from Proprietors, Mortgagees, &C. of Plantations in Demarara, Berbice, and St. Lucia. For the Abolition of Slavery, by Mr. R. G. KISSEL, from Protestant Dissenters at Thirsk. Complaining of Distress, and praying for the Repeal of Taxation, by Mr. S. BOURNE, from the Inhabitants of Eling, Hants:-By Lord F. OSRORXK, four Petitions from Parishes in Kent:—By Sir W. HEATHCOTE, from several Parishes in Hampshire:—By Mr. O. CAVE, from Ansley, Leicestershire:—By Lord RANCLIFFE, from Thomas Warsop, of Nottingham. For opening the Trade to China, by Mr. LEGH KECK, from the Inhabitants of Hinekley:—By Mr. CAWTHORNE, from the Corporation of Lancaster:—By Mr. G. LAMB, from Dungarvon:—By Mr. T. DUNDAS, from the Clothing District of Horsforth. Praying for Relief, by Sir J. NEWPORT, from James Stanley, Parish Clerk of Killeedy (Limerick), who had lost hit employment and emoluments by the Parish Church having been burnt down by Insurgents. Against the Laws regulating the Admission of Surgeons into Colleges, by the same hon. Baronet, from the Surgeons of Waterford. Against the Duty on Tobacco grown in Ireland, by the same hon. Baronet, from the Cultivators of Tobacco in the County of Waterford, and from those of Kilkenny. For the Repeal of Stamp Duties on Receipts, by Mr. ROBINSON, from the Inhabitants of Worcester. Against the Poor-laws Amendment Bill, by Lord EUSTON, from the Guardians of the Poor of the Parish of Bury St, Edmund's, In favour of this Bill, by Mr. J. MARSHALL, from the Overseers of the Poor of Leeds:—By Mr. T. DUNDAS, from the Inhabitants of several Parishes in the City of York. For the Abolition of the Punishment of Death for Forgery, by Mr. HUSKISSON, from the Inhabitants of Liverpool:-—By Mr. WESTERN, from the Inhabitants of Great Bardfield and Kelvedon. Against the Irish Vestries Act, by Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Inhabitants of St. Peter's, Dublin: and of St. Andrew's, Dublin. Against certain Tolls in Ireland, by the same hon. Member, from Naas. Against the Coal-duties (Ireland), by the same hon. Member, from the Householders of Balbriggan. By the same hon. Member, from certain operative Cotton Spinners of Manchester, against excessive Labour. In favour of the Jews Relief Bill, by Mr. T. P. COURTENAN, from the Inhabitants of Totness. In favour of the Poor-laws in Ireland, by Mr. SADLER, from the Town of Tullamore:—And by Mr. BROWNLOW, from the Parish of Kileleigh, Westmeath.