HC Deb 03 May 1830 vol 24 c323

Mr. R. COLBORNE brought up the Report of the Committee appointed to inquire into the merits of the Election for the County of Limerick: the Committee reported that S. O'Grady, Esq. was not duly elected to serve as Knight for the County of Limerick; that J. H. M. Dawson, Esq. was duly elected, and ought to have been returned to serve as such Knight,—that neither the petition of J. H. M. Dawson, Esq. nor the opposition of S. O'Grady, Esq. was vexatious or frivolous.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. HUMES of the number of Officers and Professors at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, with their Salaries and Allowances, with the Charge for the Company of Gentlemen Cadets, their number in 1816, the number admitted since, and the number sent into the Artillery and Engineer Corps; also the Expense incurred for Buildings and Repairs at that Academy:—Of the Rates of Duties paid on Articles imported from the British Possessions cast of the Cape of Good Hope:—Of the number of Registers of Seisins established in Scotland, stating where each is kept:—Of the number of Hornings and Captions issued through the Signet-office, Edinburgh, in 1828 and 1829, with the Expense of each:—Of the number of Notaries Public admitted in Scotland in 1828 and 1829:—Of the Emoluments of the Clerks of the Peace; of the Keepers of the Registers of Seisins; and of the Sheriffs' Clerks of each of the Counties of Scotland, stating the sources whence their incomes are derived, and whether or not the duty is performed by deputy. On the Motion of Sir JOHN NEWPORT, of the Sums paid into the offices of First Fruits and Tenths during the last ten years, distinguishing the persons on whose account the payments were made:—Of the Sums of Money raised by Taxes, independent of Loans paid into the Exchequer of Great Britain and Ireland, from 1786 to 1801, and from 1S01 to 1816, distinguishing the amount raised each year.

Petitions presented. For the Repeal of the Malt and Beer Duties, by Sir E. KNATCHBULL, from the Inhabitants of Yalden, Hunton, East Peckham, Hougham, and several other parishes in Kent. Against the Sale of Beer Bill, by Sir E. KNATCHBULL, from the Licensed Victuallers of Gravesend and Milton:—By Mr. BRAMSTON, from the Brewers of Saffron Walden; and the Licensed Victuallers of Uttersford, Clavering, and Freshwell:—By Mr. BASTARD, from the Proprietors of Licensed Houses in Plymouth, Stonehouse, and Devonport:—By Mr. BUR-RKLI., from the Inhabitants of Brighton:—By Lord STANLEY, several Petitions from Licensed Victuallers in different parts of Lancashire:—By Mr. MUNDY, from certain Persons in Derby:—By Mr. CURTEIS, from the Licensed Victuallers of the Lower Division of the Lathe of Scray, Kent:—By Mr. EGERTON, from the Publicans of Macelesfield:—By Mr. HODSON, from the Inhabitants of Wigan:—-By Mr. HUME, from G. and W. Everith, in the County of Somerset:—By Mr. DENISON, from certain Householders of Epsom:—By Sir W. GUISE, from the Proprietors of Public Houses at Stroud:—And by Mr. LITTLETON, from the Publicans of Godmanchester and Huntingdon. Against the Punishment of Death for Forgery, by Sir W. GUISE, from the Inhabitants of Stroud and Nailsworth:—-And by Mr. FYLER, from the Inhabitants of Leominster. Against the Stamp Duty of 10l. upon the Admission of a Member to any College of Surgeons, by Mr. W. DUNDAS from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. In favour of the Bill for the Relief of the Jews, from the Clergy and other Inhabitants of Ashton-under-Lyne, by Lord STANLEY. Against the Abolition of the Local Judicature of the County of Chester, by Mr. EGERTON, from the Merchants and Manufacturers and others of Chester and Stockport. For the Abolition of the East India Company's Monopoly, by the same Gentleman, and from the same Parties. Against the Duties on Coals carried Coastwise by Mr. LIDDELL, from the Ship-owners of Newcastle. For a Reduction of Taxation, by Sir W. GUISE, from the Inhabitants of Randwick. Against the Truck System, by Mr. LITTLETON, from the Inhabitants of Wellington, (Salop.)

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