HC Deb 30 March 1830 vol 23 cc1054-5
Sir John Newport

presented a Petition from certain Inhabitants of Dublin, complaining of the duty on Coals as an infringement on the Act of Union, and praying that it might be repealed. The right hon. Baronet supported the prayer of the Petition, and confirmed the petitioners' statement that the tax was an infringement of the Act of Union. When Mr. Orde's proposition was submitted to the Irish Parliament in 1785, some duty of this kind was contemplated, but at the time of the Union it was distinctly held out to Ireland that she should receive as a been and as an encouragement to her manufactures, coals duty free; while England was still to suffer under the tax now laid on coals carried coast-wise. That promise might be found in one of Lord Castlereagh's published speeches. He lamented, however, to say that the infant manufactures of Ireland had never been relieved from this burthen. After a period of thirty years, for so long a time had elapsed since the Union, he found this duty preserved, and as the Duke of Wellington said, must be preserved: he was at a loss, however, to know on what grounds, since it would be preserved by violating the pledged faith of the Government. If the Legislature were not disposed to cherish the Irish manufacturer by its favour, it ought at least not to impede their progress by injustice. Petitition read and to be printed.

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