HC Deb 25 March 1830 vol 23 cc855-6
Mr. Labouchere

, in rising to postpone, at the request of his hon. friend, the Member for Dover, his motion respecting the state of the Judicature and Legislative Councils of the Canadas, in order to allow an early hearing for the motion respecting Taxation, wished to know whether the public service would suffer if he brought forward his motion on the question of granting money. He was particularly anxious to bring it on before the sums were voted for fortifying Canada. He was unwilling to retard public business, and if that were to be the result of his bringing forward his Motion, on going into a Committee of Supply, as there was no open day until the 18th of May, he should be obliged to defer his Motion till that day.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer

said, so many motions had been brought on at various times by hon. Gentlemen on going into Committees of Supply, that the House had now arrived almost at the Easter holidays without having got through one quarter of the Estimates of the year; but if there was any Gentleman who had any motion standing for some day winch would suit the convenience of the hon. Gentleman, before the passing of the vote for Canada, and would postpone it in his favour, he would be most happy to meet the hon. Gentleman's wishes by going into the subject. With a view to meet the hon. Member's wishes, he would postpone the vote for the fortifications of Canada to as late a period as possible.