HC Deb 18 March 1830 vol 23 cc543-4
The Marquis of Blandford

, in presenting a Petition, praying for a Reform in Parliament, as necessary to restore that House to the confidence of the people, moved for Returns of the number of persons entitled to vote for each borough in Ireland, distinguishing the resident from the nonresident voters.

Mr. Ross

observed that it would be very difficult to make out such a return. There were many electors non-residents, and they would not be included in the return.

Mr. Benett

did not see why it should be more difficult to make it for Ireland than it had been for England and Wales, for for which such a return was moved last year.

Mr. Hume

said, a motion of his to that effect was carried last year.

Sir J. Newport

said, he thought there could be no difficulty, for the non-resident freemen were included, as well as the residents, in the poll-books, and they were not liable to any sudden change.

Mr. Alderman Waithman

expressed his surprise that any objection should be made to the Motion.

Motion agreed to.