HC Deb 11 March 1830 vol 23 c168

Mr. NERLE took the Oaths and his Seal, as Member for Gatton. Petitions were presented, praying for the repeal of the Duties on Coals carried coastwise: Against the Leather Duties: Against the Malt Duty: For a Reform in Parliament: For the Abolition of Slavery: For the Emancipation of the Jews: Against the Truck System: Against the late Change in the Currency: And praying for the removal of the India Company's Monopoly.

Returns were ordered on the Motion of Sir THOMAS FREE-MANTLE of Money demanded at the Exchequer by High Sheriffs of each County of England and Wales, for extra expenses in 1828–1829, and of the sums granted by the Exchequer:—On the Motion of Mr. WODEHOUSE, of the average Prices of Com in England and Wales for the ten years ending with 1829:—On the Motion of Lord F. L. GOWER, of the Expenses of various Public Establishments in Ireland, and of the Miscellaneous Estimates for Ireland.

Returns were presented of the number of Vessels employed in the Trade of the United Kingdom for 1829: Of the money paid for the management of the National Debt: Of balance of Public Money in the hands of the Bank of England at different periods: Of the last report of the National Vaccine Establishment: Of the twenty-second Report on Charities: Of processes issued and the commencement of Writs in the Courts of Great Sessions of Wales during the last ten years.