HC Deb 09 March 1830 vol 23 cc1-2

MR. WARD took the Oaths and his Seat as Member for Leominster.

Accounts were ordered, on the Motion of Mr. HUME, of Cotton Yam and Twists exported from this Country from 1826 to 1829, inclusive, together with their value, &c.:—of the Four and a Half per Cent Duties on Goods imported into Barbadoes, and other neighbouring Colonies, which had before been laid on the Table, down to 1819, to be brought down to the present time, with a view, as the hon. Member said, of attempting to relieve the West Indies from this charge, which they were quite unable to bear:—Of the persons employed in Commissions of Inquiry in the year 1829, of the Balances paid them, of the Expenses of the Commissions and of the Reports made to the House.

On the Motion of Colonel SIBTHORP, Accounts were ordered, of all Persons in the Civil and Military Establishments of Great Britain and Ireland holding two or more situations, or receiving two or more pensions or allowances, in the year 1829, with the name, date, &c.:—of all Offices, Pensions, Fees, and Allowances of any kind, held in Reversion; with the names of the occupant, the reversioner, the date, and the particulars.

On the Motion of Sir JAMBS GRAHAM, of the Names and Offices of all Persons now employed in the respective Civil Departments of the United Kingdom, whose Salaries and Emoluments exceed 2501. per annum; shewing the compensation amount in 1815 and 1829; the grounds on which increase, if any, had been made, and giving the date of that increase:—of the Net Amount of the Revenue collected in each Department, and the rate per cent at which such collection was made:—of the Items of the Expenditure, including charges for conveyance out and home, and for outfit, of the Diplomatic Consular Establishment to the New States of South America, with the time of Residence of each Consul, since January 1st, 1825.

Notices were given by Sir JAMES GRAHAM, that, on Friday next, he would move for the following Return:—Of all Salaries, Profits, Pay, Fees, and Emoluments, whether Civil or Military, from 5th January, 1829, to the 5th January, 1830, held and enjoyed by each Member of the Privy Council; specifying the total amount received by each individual, and distinguishing the various sources from which they were derived; and also that, on Friday, before the House resolved itself into a Committee on the Navy Estimates, he would move a Resolution respecting the recent appointment of the Treasurer of the Navy.

Leave was obtained by Mr. POULETT THOMSON, to bring in a Bill to Amend the Laws relating to Usury. A Bill was brought in to regulate the Office of Sheriff in Ireland. The Game Bill was read a second time. The Exchequer Bills Bill, and the Transfer of Aids Bill were passed. The Mutiny Bill went through a Committee. The Pensions and Duties Bill was read a first time. The Estimates of the Army Extraordinarily, Civil Contingencies, and expense of the Commissariat Department were laid on the Table. An humble Address was ordered to be presented to his Majesty, for a copy of the Commission issued for Inquiry into the Ecclesiastical Courts of England and Wales: also for an Account of the Expenditure, including Charges of Conveyance and outfit for Diplomatic and Insular Establishments in the New States of America.