HC Deb 04 June 1830 vol 24 c1348

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. O'CONNELL, an Account of the number of Proof-gallons of Spirits imported from Guernsey and Jersey, with the Duly paid there since l826:—On the Motion of Mr. HUME, Contracts concerning the reserved Crown Lands in Canada.

Petitions presented. To Postpone the Court of Session Hill to another Session, by Mr. W. DUNDAS, from the Writers to the Signet, Scotland. For encouragement to Historical Painting, by Mr. A. ELLIS, from B. R. Haydon. Against the Paupers (Irish and Scotch) Removal Bill, by the same hon. Member, from the Overseers of the Parish of St. Marlin's-in-the-Field:—By Lord STANLEY, from the-Constables and Borough-reeve of Manchester. Against the Monopoly of the Apothecaries in Dublin, by Mr. GRATTAN, from Robert Cassidy, an Apothecary at Bray:—By Mr. O'CONNELL., from the Apothecaries of Clare. Against the Employment of Persons by Night in Cotton Factories, by Sir M. S. STEWART, from curtain Cotton Weavers of Glasgow. Against the Sale of Beer Dill, from the Publicans of Uttoxeter. For Freedom of Trade to China, and the Abolition of all Monopolies, by Mr. JOHN WOOD, from the Members of the first Co-operative Society, Liverpool. Against the Administration of Justice Bill, by the same hon. Member, from places in the County Palatine of Chester. Against the Northern Road Bill, by Mr. N. CALVERT, from the Trustees of the Wadesmill Road. Against Stamp Duties (Ireland), by Lord KILLEEN, from a Society at Kilkenny:—By Mr. O'CONNELL, from two Societies in Dublin; from the Inhabitants of Ballybay and Tullycorbet; and from the Inhabitants of St. Catherine's, Dublin. For restricting the Sale of Spirituous Liquors, by Lord STANLEY, from the Salford Temperance Society. For obtaining the Freedom of the Borough of Carlow, by Mr. O'CONNELL, from certain Inhabitants of that place. In favour of the Emancipation of the Jews, by Mr. JOHN WOOD, from the Unitarians of Walmesley, near Bolton. For the Abolition of all Regulations relative to Cotton Factories, by the same hon. Member, from the Spinners of Preston. Against the Medicine Stamp Act, by Colonel PEEL., from the Druggists of Norwich. For the abolition of the Punishment of Death for Forgery, by the same hon. Member, from the Common Council of Norwich.