HC Deb 22 February 1830 vol 22 cc795-6
Sir J. Newport

, seeing the right hon. Secretary for the Home Department in his place, would take that opportunity of expressing a hope that the Report, which had been made with respect to the Admiralty Court in Ireland would not be allowed to remain on the Table without being acted upon.

Mr. Peel

, in reply, stated that the present was not a fit occasion for entering upon a general discussion respecting the Admiralty Court. He could assure the hon. Baronet that the Reports to which he alluded should be attended to. He felt himself called upon to say, that after the grave charges which had been made respecting the mode of doing business in that Court, his Majesty's Ministers felt that they had no alternative but that of calling the attention of Parliament, to it at an early period, [hear, hear]

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