HC Deb 16 February 1830 vol 22 c529

MR. HUME, for the purpose of diminishing as much as possible the Public Expenditure, gave notice of several Motions:—The first was for the 8th of March, to withdraw the Establishments at present maintained in Sierra Leone. The next was for the 10th of March; and its object would be to put an end to the offices of Receiver Generals of Land Revenue and Assessed Taxes, and to unite their duties with those of the Commissioners of Excise. For the 16th of March the hon. Member gave notice of a Motion for the appointment of a Committee to inquire into the renewal of Crown leases at Harwich, Dungeness, Orfordness, and Bridlington. On the 23rd of March the hon. Member intimated his intention to move the abolition of the office of Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.