HC Deb 23 December 1830 vol 2 c102
Lord Althorp

rose to postpone the Bill for prohibiting the growth of Tobacco in Ireland, till after the recess. His Lordship fixed Thursday, February 3rd, for discussing the measure.

Mr. Warburton

expressed his regret that the noble Lord should postpone the Bill. It appeared by the evidence before the Committee, that there was no reason whatever for allowing the growth of tobacco in Ireland, and he hoped, therefore, that the Bill would have been passed one stage that evening.

Lord Althorp

observed, that he had fixed it for the first day the House would meet after the recess. He had no intention whatever of giving up the Bill.

Mr. Hume

declared his intention of supporting the Bill.

Lord Valentia

gave notice that he would oppose the Bill in every stage.

O'Gorman Mahon

wished to enter fully into the subject, when he was called to order by

The Speaker,

who informed him, that the Bill was withdrawn, and that there was no question before the House.