HC Deb 23 December 1830 vol 2 c116
Lord Lowther

presented a Petition from certain land-owners in Westmoreland, stating, that they had lately been compelled to pay tithes for property belonging to them which had not been called upon to pay tithes for the space of 500 years before; and praying the House to fix a period, after which, if payment of tithes should not have been claimed, it should not be lawful to recover. The noble Lord said, he had always felt it to be a hardship that, after any lapse of time, tithes were recoverable, and he should like to know whether the hon. and learned Member opposite, whom he saw in his place, and who was a member of the commission to inquire into real property, meant to bring forward any measure on the subject.

Mr. John Campbell

said, that he felt the evils of this subject very strongly, but he thought the matter would be better in the hands of the noble Lord than in his. If, however, the noble Lord should decline the task, he would himself bring forward a motion on the subject.