HC Deb 20 December 1830 vol 1 c1350
Mr. Kennedy

presented Petitions from the Corporation of Glasgow, the Corporations of the Burghs of Dundee, and from the Royal Burghs of Jedburgh and Dumfries, praying for an extension of the Scottish franchise.

Sir J. Newport

cordially supported the prayer of these petitions. He was of opinion, that a similar extension of the franchise in Ireland should be granted. In several of the Irish boroughs, the right of sending Representatives to that House was confined to a sovereign and twelve freemen, a great portion of whom were generally non-residents. Even before the Union, such, in many instances, was the case. He would mention the town of Galway as an example. He also knew three boroughs, of which the whole number of voters did not amount to thirteen, that sent six Members to Parliament. He spoke of matters as they stood before the Union, but at the same time he must remark, that this grievance, in a great measure, still continued.