HC Deb 09 December 1830 vol 1 c895

New Writs. For the Borough of Newport, in the room of Mr. DOHERTY, who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds:—For the Borough of St. Germains, in the room of the right hon. Sir H. HARDINGE, who had accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

The Committee appointed to try the merits of the Petition of Herbert Baldwin, esq., of the City of Cork, complaining of an undue Return and Election for that City, reported Mr. DANIEL O'CALLAGHAN duly elected; and that neither the Petition nor the opposition thereto was vexatious or frivolous.

Petitions presented. Against Slavery, by Sir J. OWES, from the Methodists and other Congregations in various parts of the County of Brecon:—By Mr. KEMP, from a Parish in Sussex:—By Mr. W. PATTEN, from Mile-end-street Chapel, Liverpool, and from different parts of Lancashire:—By Mr. J. WOOD, five from places in Lancashire:—By Mr. EVANS, three from places in Derbyshire:— By Mr. ROBARTS, from Maudstone:—By Mr. PONSONBY, from Wimborne. By Mr. HODGES, from George Gunning, for an amendment of the Law regulating the Duties of Parochial Officers. By Mr. BUCKE, from Biddeford and Exeter, praying for a Repeal of the Duty on Coals; also from Exeter, against Hawkers and Pedlars. By Sir W. INGILBY, from Wm. Cobbett, for the repeal of the Assessed Taxes and Tithes. By Mr. O'CORMAN MAHON, from Drumline, county Clare, against assessing Catholics to pay Rates for Protestant Churches. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from W. S. Smith, a Chelsea pensioner, complaining of the stoppage of 5 per Cent out of the Chelsea Pension, and praying relief; from J. Thompson, the son of a freeman of Clonmell, complaining that he was unable to take out his Freedom, in consequence of the great expense; praying for Legislative Relief, from 105 Labourers, who had been driven, under the Subletting Act, from the neighbourhood of Tankerstown, in the County of Limerick; from the Inhabitants of Ardragoole, and three other places, for the Repeal of the Subletting Act; from Whitechurch, for the establishment of Poor-laws in Ireland; from the five Catholic Clergymen who had charge of the Chapel of Navan, in the County of Meath, against the Vestry Act; for a Reform in Parliament, from Ayr, and from two Societies of Friends to Reform, meeting at the Rotunda, Blackfriars road; from the Trades of Dublin, and from places in the Counties of Waterford, Kilkenny, Meath, Galway, and Dublin, for the Repeal of the Union; and from the Gentlemen of the Irish Bar, practising on the Galway Circuit, for an extension of the Elective Franchise in that Town. By Mr. J. WOOD, from Roscommon, for placing the Catholics and Protestants on the same footing in Corporate Towns as to the Elective Franchise; from Blackburn, for the Repeal of the Stamp Duties on Newspapers; and for Church Reform, from the Rev. T. Spencer.