HC Deb 07 December 1830 vol 1 cc798-9
Mr. G. Dawson

said, that as far as he was personally concerned he should waive any opposition to the plan proposed. He wished to put one question to his Majesty's Ministers, founded upon a report that had got abroad. Was Sir Anthony Hart about to retire from the Chancellorship of Ireland? and if he was, he wished to know whether he did or did not retire with his own consent? He knew that a little gentle violence had been necessary, but at length it had been successful, before a noble Lord, lately an hon. Member of that House could be persuaded to take the Great Seal of England, and he believed a very little of the same kind of force would be sufficient to make Sir A. Hart remain in office, and save the country a considerable sum. A pension of 4,000l. a-year would be imposed upon the country by any arrangement of this sort, and this was scarcely consistent with the economy which the Ministers had recently practised in the reduction of two offices in Ireland.

Lord Althorp

replied, that he was not at present able to answer the question, for, like the hon. Member himself, he had only learned the subject that day, and upon report.