HC Deb 02 December 1830 vol 1 cc740-1

On the Motion of Mr. S. RICA, a new Writ was ordered for the Borough of Calne, in the room of Sir J. MACDONALD, who, since his election, had been appointed a Commissioner of the Board of Control for the Affairs of India.

The Committee appointed to try the merits of the Queen-borough Election, reported that P. C. H. DURHAM, Esq., and W. HOLMES, Esq., were not duly returned; and that J. CAPEL,, Esq. and THOS. GLADSTONE, Esq., were duly elected.

Returns ordered. On the Motion of Mr. HUME, the number of persons imprisoned in the Gaol of Glasgow for Debt, from the year 1827 to 1830 inclusive, distinguishing the sums for which they were arrested; also the emoluments of the Clerks of the Peace and Sheriffs Clerks (Scotland): —On the Motion of Mr. JEPHSON, the number of Steam Packets employed in conveying the Mail to Ireland.

Petitions presented. By Mr. EVANS, from the Inhabitants of Anstey, in Leicestershire, praying for Reform of Parliament and Vote by Ballet. By Mr. SCHONSWAR, from Shopkeepers in Kingston-upon-Hull, for the abolition of Stamp Duties on Receipts for small amounts. For the abolition of Slavery, by Mr. A. LEFROY. from Cork, Antrim, and Armagh:—By Mr. C. W. WYNN, from certain Baptists in the County of Carnarvon:— By Sir W. GUISE, from places in Gloucestershire:—By Lord Mon-FHTH, from different places in Yorkshire:—By Mr. HODGSON, from Baptists in Newcastle-upon-Tyne:—By Mr. CURTEIS, from a Parish in Sussex:—By Mr. BRISCOE, from several places in Surrey:—By Mr. J. JOHNSTON, from Linlithgow:—By Mr. S. LUMLEY, from a Parish in Nottingham:—By Mr. CAMPBELL, from Cupar:—By Mr. OWEN, from Pembroke:—By Mr. EVANS, from Ashby, de-la-Zouch:—By Sir M. S. STEWART, from Rothesay:— By Mr. ADEANE, from Cambridge. By Mr. KENNEDY- from Ayr, praying that compensation might be given to the Slave-owners, in case Slavery should be abolished. By Lord MORPETH, from Hull, praying for a more speedy and less expensive mode for the recovery of small Debts. By Mr. HODGSON, from Newcastle-on-Tyne, praying for the abolition of the Duty on Coals. By Sir W. ISGILBY, from a Parish in the County of Norfolk, complaining of Distress, and praying for a reduction of Tithes and Taxes. By Sir W. W. WYNN, from a Parish in the County of Denbigh, against the Truck System. For giving the Elective Franchise of Galway to Catholics, by Mr. M'NAMARA, Mr. S. RICE, and Mr. D. BROWNE. By Mr. WRIGHTSON, from Kingston-upon-Hull, for a repeal of all Taxes on Industry. By Mr. CURTEIS, from Billing-hurst, Sussex, praying for a Reform in Parliament, and the employment of the Ballot in Elections.