HC Deb 29 April 1830 vol 24 cc226-7

Returns presented. Papers relating to the Grand Canal, Ireland:—The Persons employed under the Commissioners of Public Records, and the Expenditure:—The number of Distributors of Stamps, and the Poundage allowed to each in the United Kingdom, with the Percentage at which Money is remitted from Scotland:—The number of Vessels belonging to the British Empire, ex-elusive of the Colonies; and the number of Steam-boats:—The details of the Expenditure of the Civil Contingencies:—The number of yards of Calico printed, stained, or dyed in Great Britain during the last three years, and the number of yards exported:—The amount of Revenue remitted from Scotland:—The expense of the Office of Receiver-general of Taxes (Scotland):—The expense of erecting a Patent Slip at North Wall, Dublin:—Fees taken by the Officers of the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors.

Returns ordered. Account of the Stamp Duties levied on Newspapers in the Empire, on the Motion of Mr. SPRING RICE and Lord STANLEY:—On the Motion of Mr. MONCK, the Rates and Allowances as Pensions to the Widows of Officers and Men in the Civil and Military branches of the Public Service in 1792 and 1829; with the total Amount of such Allowances in 1792, 1802, 1812, 1822, and 1829:—On the Motion of Mr. O'CONNELL, the Sums Assessed in the Parishes of Dublin, Youghall, and Cork, by Vestries holden in Easter-week, 1830. distinguishing the purpose of Assessment, and whether the Catholic inhabitants were present or not at the Vestries.

The Leather Duties Repeal Bill was read a third time and passed. A Bill to promote the Employment of the Poor by free Hiring and adequate Wages, was read a first time.

Petitions presented. Against the Punishment of Death for Forgery—By Mr. M. A. TAYLOR, from the Inhabitants of the City of Durham:—By Mr. Alderman THOMPSON. from Applcby:—By Mr. BYNG, from Uxbridge. Against the Sale of Beer Bill—By Captain BRADSHAW, from the Publicans of Runcorn:—By Mr. DAVENPORT, from the Licensed Victuallers of Chester:—By Mr. STANLEY, from the Common Brewers of Wigan and Warrington: and from the Licensed Victuallers of St. Helens (Lancashire). Against assimilating the Stamp Duties of Ireland to those of England, by Mr. O'CONNELL, from the Letter-press Printers of Dublin. Against the Insolvent Debtors Act, by Alderman THOMPSON, from the wholesale and retail Ironmongers of the City of London. Against the Stamp Duties on Policies of Insurance, by Lord STANLEY, from the Manchester Fire and Life Assurance Company. Against the Watching and Lighting Bill, by Mr. BYNG, from Islington; and from the In habitants of the Old Artillery Ground. In favour of the Galway Franchise Bill, by Mr. SPRING RICE, from the Grand Jury of the County of Galway:—'By Mr. O'CONSELL, from the Catholic Merchants and Traders of the Town of Galway. Against the Tithe and Vestry Acts (Ireland), by Mr. O'CONELL, from the Catholics of certain Parishes of Wexfonl, and of Borris, in the County of Clare. And complaining of Distress, by Lord JOHN RUSSELL, from the Inhabitants of Bandon and its Vicinity.