HC Deb 26 April 1830 vol 24 cc33-4

From the Magistrates, Merchants, Bankers, and Inhabitants of Plymouth, by Sir T. B. MARTIN:—From those of Exeter, by Mr. BUCKE:—From Uxbridge, St. Mary, Newington, and the Congregation of China-terrace Chapel, Lambeth, by Mr. Alderman WOOD:—From the Minister and Congregation of Beresford-street Chapel, Walworth, by Mr. Alderman WOOD:—By Lord STANLEY, from Bolton, Lancashire. Against the practice of paying Wages in Goods, by Lord GEORGE SOMERSET, from the Working Colliers of Monmouth: from the Inhabitants of Trevethen; and from Joseph Davis, in the County of Monmouth. Against the alterations in the Duties on Tobacco, by Mr. WARD, from Tobacco Manufacturers of London. By Mr. O'CONNELL, from Aghado, Ballimakenny, and Munster Boy, against the Irish Vestry Act:—By Mr. SLANEY, from 130 Inhabitants of the Skinners' Estate, in the Parish of St. Pancras, against a clause in the general Lighting and Watching of Parishes Bill:—By Mr. ROBINSON, from certain Commissioners of the Skinners Estate, with the same prayer. By Mr. DENISON, from the Journeymen Paper-makers of the County of Surrey, complaining of Distress and the general employment of Machinery. By Lord F. L. GOWER, from the Fish-curers of Wick, Scotland, praying for a continuance of the Bounties now paid upon the curing of Salt-fish. Against the Sale of Beer Bill, by Mr. MUNDY, from Licensed Victuallers in Ilkeston (Derbyshire):—By Sir T. B. MARTIN, from the Licensed Victuallers of Plymouth and its neighbourhood. For the Opening of the China-trade, by Sir GEORGE MURRAY, from the Incorporated Trades of Perth, and from the Inhabitants of the Cape of Good Hope:—By Mr. KENNEDY, from the Merchant Company of Ayr and the Incorporated Trades of Ayr:—By Mr. LITTLETON, from the Inhabitants of Stoke and Fenton (Staffordshire):—By Lord G. SOMERSET, from Ponty-pool:—By Mr. DENISON, from Sunderland:—By Lord MORPETH, from Eccleshall, Bolton, and Pudsey, in the County of York. By Mr. HUSKISSON, from the Merchants and West India Planters of Liverpool, complaining of Distress, and pray- ing for a reduction of the Duties on Sugar and Runt. By Mr. SLANEY, from the Ministers and Churchwardens of the Parish of Walthamstow, and from those of Whit-church, in favour of the Poor-law Amendment Bill:—By Mr. DOWDESWELL, from Tewkesbury:—And by Mr. TRANT, from Dover, with the same prayer.

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