HC Deb 07 April 1830 vol 23 c1429
Mr. George Dawson

rose to move, pursuant to notice, for leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Act of 7 and 8 Geo. 4th, cap. 54, relating to the levying of the Duties on Malt. The regulations which were contained in the Bill which he proposed to introduce had been agreed upon in certain conferences that had taken place between a deputation of the Maltsters and the Commissioners of the Excise Board; and he therefore supposed this Bill would not meet with any opposition. Amongst other alterations, this Bill would do away with the Barley-book, in which the maltster was obliged to enter the quantity of barley he had taken in each day, the quantity he had on hand, and the quantity he sent out. It also altered the number of days allowed for the sprinkling of barley from twelve to eight days, and it likewise contained an important regulation for the abolition of the certificate system. These regulations would be productive of great advantage to the trade. There was one other important alteration proposed by this Bill. After the process of sprinkling, under the present law, an allowance of 20 per cent was made for the increase. The Excise Commissioners had shown to the maltsters that that was too much, and it was now determined to leave it at 17½. The right hon. Gentleman concluded by moving for leave to bring in a Bill to amend the Malt Acts.

Motion agreed to, and Bill brought in.