HC Deb 23 May 1828 vol 19 cc903-4

On the second reading of this bill being moved,

Mr. Benett

said, he hoped no steps would be taken upon the bill, without full consideration. Whatever faults there might be in the administration of the Poor-laws, he was convinced that, in principle, they could not be dispensed with.

Mr. Slaney

said, that he was only anxious to have the bill referred to the select committee, on the Poor-laws. On the report of that committee, perhaps some measure, in the next session, might be found practicable. The abuses of the Poor-laws were all that he complained of.

Sir T. Fremantle

bore testimony to the abuses of the Poor-laws in his vicinity. In many parts of Buckinghamshire the system was, to pay the labourers only four or five shillings a week, and the parish rates made up the deficiency.

Mr. F. Palmer

said, that the state of things was just as bad in Berkshire.

The bill was then read a second time, and the House adjourned to the 30th.