HC Deb 26 February 1827 vol 16 cc653-4
Mr. Wilmot Horton

brought up a Report from the Emigration Committee; and in moving that it should lie on the table, he said he thought it right to inform the House of the circumstances under which the Committee had deemed it expedient to present it. It related solely to the fact, that the Committee had resolved, that they were not prepared to proceed on the principle of the Committee on Emigration of 1826, that private or local contributions should be raised, for the purpose of carrying into effect the object of emigration. The Committee had thought it desirable at that early period to state their opinion upon the subject, as it was one on which a strong and erroneous impression appeared to prevail, both in the House and in the country. It could scarcely be necessary for him to add, that under such circumstances he deprecated any discussion of the Report.

Ordered to be printed.