HC Deb 19 May 1826 vol 15 c1271

The resolutions upon the Sessional Addresses being reported,

Mr. Hudson Gurney

said, he could not permit them to be disposed of without making an observation upon a paper which had been pretty generally circulated amongst the members. He meant a representation of the circumstances in which Mr. Lee, the high constable of Westminster, was placed, from his being constantly in attendance upon the House, during the whole time of their sitting, without receiving any salary or remuneration whatever. The case of this individual had been brought before them some years ago; and opposed by the hon. member for Corfe Castle, upon the ground that the office had been purchased from the dean and chapter, and possessed many advantages. It was not, however, consistent with the dignity of that House, or accordant with the principles of right and justice, that they should continue to receive the services of Mr. Lee without any compensation for the loss of his time and the neglect of his business.

Mr. M. A. Taylor

recommended the claim of Mr. Lee to the consideration of the House.

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