HC Deb 23 March 1826 vol 15 cc88-9
Mr. Hume

again expressed his objections to the vote for the Kildare-street Society, in Dublin. In addition to what he had said last night, as to the scholars bearing exactly a seventieth proportion to the number of schools of this institution, in the several counties of Ireland, he was now enabled to state, that the same proportion was observable in the reports of the society of 1824, 1825, and 1826. He was, therefore, warranted in saying, that this was a manufactured statement. He apologized, however, for having connected the church of Ireland so closely with this institution. This was professedly a proselyting society, and it was impossible for a Catholic to read any work called a tract. He objected to a tract called a "Search for Sin," as containing the most disgusting rhapsodies. He had a horror of tracts. It was monstrous to charge so large a sum for educating 26,000 Catholic children. He concluded by moving, as an amendment, "That a commission being now employed to inquire into the state of education in Ireland, and the best means of promoting the same, it is, in the opinion of this House, as contrary to parliamentary usage, as it is inconsistent with economy, to allow of any increase of expense for the society for promoting the education of the poor of Ireland until the commissioners have made their final report to this House, and therefore the amount should be reduced to 22,000l., the amount voted last year for that institution."

Mr. F. Lewis

said, that the commission had already reported, but the hon. member had not read that report. He defended these institutions, as, from his own knowledge, being highly beneficial to Ireland.

The amendment was negatived, and the resolution agreed to.