HC Deb 28 April 1826 vol 15 cc734-5

On the order for the second reading of this bill,

Mr. J. P. Grant

said, he felt it was impossible, at that late period of the session, to pass this bill through the different stages with the deliberation to which its importance entitled it. He was aware, too, that the right hon. gentleman had not been able to give his attention to the subject. He would therefore postpone it to another year.

Mr. Secretary Peel

regretted the necessity of deferring the consideration of a bill of so much importance, but his time had been so entirely occupied that he had been utterly incapable of attending to the measure. If, however, he did not give the hon. gentleman notice early next session, as to the intentions of government with regard to this subject, he would leave it to him to bring it forward at his own discretion.

Mr. Abercromby

said, that this was a question of the last importance, and he lamented, that, as the matter had been stirred, there was not an intention to proceed with it.

The bill was then ordered to be read a second time this day three months.