HC Deb 28 April 1826 vol 15 cc722-3
Mr. Bright

presented a petition from the inhabitants of Coggeshall in favour of this bill. He took occasion to observe, that he had to apologize to the House for not having brought forward the bill relating to this subject at an earlier period. It was his intention to bring it forward on Monday, when the House would have an opportunity of deciding upon it.

Mr. Sykes

agreed, that this bill would be a most important improvement in the existing laws respecting debtor and creditor. He thought that the clause in the bill, which went to enable partners, if they thought proper, to arrange their affairs, without being obliged to undergo the expensive process of bankruptcy, would have the best effect. He could see no reason why the bill should not have a retrospective operation. There were many cases of parties who wished to settle their affairs, to which the application of this clause would be an object. He therefore thought that the bill should include all cases of compromise in future, as well as those which might now be in progress.

Mr. Bright

was willing to receive any suggestion which gentlemen would be so kind as to make with respect to this bill. All he wished for was, a full and fair discussion.