HC Deb 28 April 1826 vol 15 c733
Lord John Russell

said, that as the right hon. gentleman opposite had some objection to parts of this bill, and as he could not hope for any success in the other House, unless the measure had previously received the almost unanimous concurrence of this, he would postpone the measure till the next session; but he certainly would bring it forward at an early period then. At the same time, if it met the wishes of gentlemen opposite, he would consent to put his proposition in the shape of resolutions.

Colonel Davies

expressed his regret, that his noble friend found himself under the necessity of postponing his bill. It was a measure much to be desired, and framed upon principles which could not fail to recommend it to the friendly attention of the House.

Mr. Wynn

said, he had an objection that the House should do that by bill which they were competent to do without the assistance of any other branch of the legislature. He was willing, however, to concur in any effectual measure for suppressing the evils against which this bill was directed.

The further consideration of the report was then postponed for three months.