HC Deb 30 March 1825 vol 12 cc1314-5
Mr. Fowell Buxton

, seeing an hon. member in his place, wished to call his attention to certain observations which he had made respecting him in the course of last evening's discussion. The hon. member had charged him with being the champion of several Joint-Stock Companies, some of them calculated to bring ruin on the parties concerned. Now, he called upon the hon. member either to retract that charge, or to state the grounds on which he made it. For himself he wholly disclaimed the imputation.

Mr. Robertson

was proceeding to address the House when he was called to order by

The Speaker

, who expressed his doubt, whether, according to the orders or forms of the House, such a question should be put or answered. If it should not, he apprehended this conversation ought to go no further.

Mr. F. Buxton

said, he would leave it to the decision of the chair. He had called on the hon. member privately, and explained to him the total want of grounds for the charge, and was anxious that the hon. member should express his impressions on the subject to the House.