HC Deb 02 June 1825 vol 13 c353
Mr. W. Smith

moved the further consideration of the report on this bill. On the motion that, the Speaker do now leave the chair,

Mr. Robertson

opposed it. He contended, that the Protestant Dissenters were not entitled to the privileges which this bill would bestow upon them, because they were not even so much of Christians as the Mahometans. These Protestant, Dissenters denied the divine mission of Christ, which the Mahometans admitted; in proof of this position, the hon. member read several passages from the Koran. He then proceeded to show that even the Jews were better Christians than the Dissenters, and concluded by moving, that this report be taken into consideration this day six months.

Nobody being found to second this amendment, it fell to the ground. The original motion was then put, and carried, and was then committed.

Mr. W. Smith

in the committee, said he would not reply to the hon. member's observations, for the hon. member shewed himself equally unacquainted with the measure before the House, and with the principles of the Dissenters.