HC Deb 21 April 1825 vol 13 c64
Sir John Newport

took that opportunity of stating, that in consequence of inquiries he had made concerning the fabrication of a petition from Ballinasloe, it had now been traced to its fountain head. He held in his hand a declaration on the part of persons concerned, stating that he was aware of the getting up the petition, and that he was ready to testify on oath that no Catholic was concerned in, or a party to the act. In answer, therefore, to the persons who framed the petition presented by the right hon. Secretary for the Home Department, which stated how miserable must that cause be which could thus stoop to the adoption of such foul expedients, he would say, that the cause of those must be foul indeed, who could attempt to throw on parties not concerned the blame of having fabricated this petition. The whole business was before a committee. To that committee he would deliver up the document he now held, and there, he trusted, the matter would be traced to its origin, and whoever had been guilty of it would be visited with the punishment of the House. He thought it right to state thus much, to take off the impression which the assertion, that the petition was fabricated by Roman Catholics, might have made upon the House.

Mr. Peel

said, he believed no gentle- man entertained an idea that the petition was fabricated by Roman Catholics. If it was fabricated by a Protestant, he should have equal pleasure in bringing the individual to the punishment he deserved.