HC Deb 24 May 1824 vol 11 cc842-3

On the report of this bill being brought up,

Mr. Grenfell

begged to know what security the public had with respect to these companies? If, for instance, a Secretary or other public officer of such company were to be proceeded against, and a verdict obtained, he wished to know how far the company, individually or collectively, were liable?

Mr. Huskisson

said, that as he understood it, under these bills of incorporation, in case of judgments obtained against the treasurer, and their not being made good, the individuals who might obtain the verdicts would be at liberty to select any one or more of the members of that incorporation, upon whom he might levy for full satisfaction of his claim. Without such a clause attached to it, no bill of that nature would be allowed to pass. He would propose, for the public convenience, another clause, which would require the names of all the parties to be enrolled at the Stamp-office; and none of the proceedings of the association should be held good in law until such enrolment had been effected.